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My First Blog Post

The Rosary Crusading Army: We will end abortion together for Jesus and Mary! That is our Pledge and our Promise! The Rosary is our nuclear weapon in this struggle against hell.

If you say the Rosary faithfully until death, I do assure you that, in spite of the gravity of your sins “you shall receive a never fading crown of glory.” (1 Pet 5:4)

St. Louis Marie De Montfort

Three Year 10000 Rosary (150,000 Decades!) Plan!

Let us call this III Year Plan: 10000 Rosaries by Aug 22, 2022!

How can we get to 10,000 Rosaries in a mere 3 years, you ask, dear reader? Simple, in 3 years, there are about 1095 days.

Therefore, all we need is 10 Rosaries every day! Very simple!

How can that come about? Simple. If 10 readers volunteer to pray 1 Rosary (which St. Louis says is more meritorious than even reading and praying with all the 150 Psalms!) every day, we will, by the Grace of God, both meet and even surpass our target!

Will you, dear reader, volunteer your time and efforts? God and Mary will bless you abundantly in this life and reward you richly with the Crown of life Our Lord in the Scriptures and St. Louis de Montfort so often speak of in the next. The primary intention of this Rosary Crusade is to defeat abortion and we will see it as we pray.

You can post in the comments section if you will, or subscribe and sign up, and indicate your intention, and may you be richly blessed in everything by Almighty God for doing so. We will count and tally.

Then updates will be posted regularly, like monthly or quarterly.

But even if no one answers for a long time, or only very few volunteer to begin with, we will not be discouraged but persevere. Jesus, Mary, Joseph are with us, Sts. Michael, Gabriel, Raphael will pray to them for us, all the Saints and Angels will join in, the Holy Souls in Purgatory’s prayers too we will request, and the Most Holy Trinity will surely be pleased with every sincere effort we make.

To begin with, I promise to pray 1 Rosary (i.e. 15 decades) every day from Aug 22, 2019 to Aug 22, 2022, the future feast of Our Lady Co-Redemptrix with Christ according to many Heavenly Revelations. A better day to start could hardly be thought of!

But if only 5 people volunteer, then we will need 2 Rosaries each. If 2 people volunteer, they will have to try to pray 5 Rosaries each, not an easy task by any means. But we will take up the challenge.

The next few months even all the way up to Christmas this year can be taken up in joining in, inviting others to do the same, sharing the idea with others etc so that as Crusading Soldiers of Jesus and Mary, we can begin by then. Even if it turns out we are a little slow to begin to attract people, we have a lot of time to make it up as we go on. 3 years are 36 months, we can surely take 3 months to start.

I ask everyone who reads: do you, my friend, brother or sister, want to win your own personal crown of glory in heaven? Then take St. Montfort’s advise, “Secondly, we should do this so that we ourselves may receive three crowns from Jesus and Mary. The first is a crown of merit during our lifetime, the second, a crown of peace at our death, and the third, a crown of glory in Heaven.

If you say the Rosary faithfully until death, I do assure you that, in spite of the gravity of your sins “you shall receive a never fading crown of glory.” (1 Pet 5:4) …


So, dear members of the Rosary Confraternity, persevere in asking Almighty God for all your needs, both spiritual and corporal, through the Most Holy Rosary. Most of all you should ask for Divine Wisdom which is an infinite Treasure: “(Wisdom) is an infinite treasure”55 and there can be no possible doubt that you will receive it sooner or later—as long as you do not stop asking for it and do not lose courage in the middle of your journey. “Thou hast yet a great way to go.”56 This means that you have a long way to go, there will be bad times to weather, many difficulties to overcome and many enemies to conquer before you will have stored up enough treasures of eternity, enough Our Fathers and Hail Marys with which to buy your way to Heaven and earn the beautiful crown which is waiting for each faithful Confraternity member.

“(Let) no man take thy crown”:57 take care that your crown is not stolen by somebody who has been more faithful than you in saying the Holy Rosary. It is “thy crown”—Almighty God has chosen it for you and you have already won it halfway by means of the Rosaries that you have said well. Unfortunately someone else may get ahead of you in the race—someone who has worked harder and who has been more faithful might possibly win the crown that ought to be yours, paying for it by his Rosaries and good works. All this could really happen if you stand still on the beautiful path where you have been running so well: “You did run well.”58 “Who hath hindered you?”59 Who is it who will have prevented you from having the Rosary crown? None other than the enemies of the Holy Rosary who are so numerous.

Do believe me, only “the violent bear it away.”60 These crowns are not for timid souls who are afraid of the world’s taunts and threats, neither are they for the lazy and indolent who only say their Rosary carelessly, or hastily, just for the sake of getting it over with. The same applies to people who say it intermittently, as the spirit moves them. These crowns are not for cowards who lose heart and down their arms as soon as they see Hell let loose against the Holy Rosary.

Dear Confraternity members: if you want to serve Jesus and Mary by saying the Rosary every day, you must be prepared for temptation: “When thou comest to the service of God . . . prepare thy soul for temptation.”61 Heretics and licentious folk, “respectable” people of the world, persons of only surface piety as well as false prophets, hand in glove with your fallen nature and all Hell itself, will wage formidable battles against you in an endeavor to get you to give up this holy practice.”

55Wisdom 7:14.

563 Kings 19:7.

57Apoc. 3:11.

58Galat. 5:7.

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61Ecclus. 2:1.

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  1. I, the owner of this blog am Nishant Xavier, “IESUS MARIA” (Jesus and Mary, Glory be to Them)

    Edit: Comment Updated. See Comment Below.

    [Who is next to step up? we need great warriors, both men and women. Think of King Richard the Lionheart, or of Don Juan of Austria, or of St. Jeanne D’Arc of France. You could be like them!

    With 1000 Hail Mary per day prayed for 4380 days, we will therefore be able to get to 4.4 Million Hail Marys!

    Sounds good so far. Now, who will contribute the next 4.4 MN, 8.8 MN, 13.2 MN, 44 MN, 88 MN etc?

    Step up and claim your crown from Jesus and Mary. And Crown Jesus and Mary with Glory and Joy!]


  2. Ok, it’s Pentecost Sunday 2021, and I want to update the terms of Our Crusading Service.

    We can use the 1000 Hail Marys Rosary as our Major Weapon Going Forward.

    We have 12 years to go until the Greatest of all Jubilees, the 2000th Anniversary of Our Lord’s Death and Resurrection. We have 12 years to go to the 2000th anniversary of the first Pentecost.

    So how are we going to spend those 12 years? Simple. 12 years have 365*12=4380 days. Therefore, if we pray the 1000 Hail Marys Rosary every day, we can reach by then nearly 4.4 Million Hail Marys! What a Treasure of Grace we will have unlocked through that Several Million Hail Marys Rosary Crusade!

    Please, I implore others to join in, so that you too can claim the Rosary Crowns waiting for you. I’m glad others have joined the Rosary Crusade on the Suscipe Domine Traditional Catholic Forum.

    Even if no one else joins in, we will reach nearly 5 million Rosaries! Our Lady will be pleased, and surely use it to End Abortion. But if 1000 others join, we can reach 5 billion! It will all happen faster.


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