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Introduction. Welcome to the Rosary Crusading Army to End Abortion!

I, the owner of this blog, Nishant Xavier, “IESUS MARIA” (Jesus and Mary, Glory be to Them), pledge and promise, as mentioned above, to pray 1 Rosary, 15 decades, every day during the Crusade!

Who is next to step up? we need great warriors, both men and women. Think of King Richard the Lionheart, or of Don Juan of Austria, or of St. Jeanne D’Arc of France. You could be like them!

With 1 Rosary per day prayed for 1095 days, we will therefore be able to get to 1096 Rosaries!

Sounds good so far. Now, who will contribute the next 1096, 2192, 10960, 109600, 1096000 etcetra?

Step up and claim your crown from Jesus and Mary. And Crown Jesus and Mary with Glory and Joy!

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